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    • Date: Sunday May 17, 2020
    • Time: 11am-5pm
    • Location: Musch Meadows, Topanga
    • Cost: $69
    • Age: This is an adult-level course but is also available to mature adolescents age 12+
  • INSPIRE CHARTER FUNDS WELCOME. We must receive your certificate for service within 2 weeks of registration.
Core Skills Covered:
  • Make a healing oil or salve
  • Nerve tonic
  • Pain liniment
  • Keepin’ it at 98.6. Shelter and insulation
  • Sit spot
  • Tracking
  • Edible, medicinal and useful plants walk
Today we explore a beautiful expanse of forest and fields and learn about lots of different plants that are edible, useful or medicinal. We’ll make several kinds of medicines for you to take home. It’s easy and fun! We’ll also learn how to make a proper shelter to stay warm and dry plus other techniques to keep your core body temp at 98.6 degrees.
Special materials fee: $15

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