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We believe that the most valuable education reveals the interconnectedness of all things.


We are Wisdom Keepers - connecting the past, present and future.

Now more than ever, we need the solid foundation provided by ancient skills and our deep connection with nature.  Through this journey of re-learning, we see the interconnectedness of all things.  We learn the value of self-reliance and discover our unique gifts to benefit humanity.  We find stillness.  We expand our awareness, cultivate patience and self-discipline, develop empathy and express gratitude.  We share.  Our critical evaluation skills improve with our intuition.  We learn to meet the challenges of the natural world and technological world honestly and with an open mind and heart.  We laugh, go on adventures, and have lots of fun, too!

Meet The Founders

Chris Morasky & Rachel Natland

Lead instructor Chris Morasky is a world-renowned naturalist specializing in Stone Age living and wildlife biology. With over 30 years of experience, Chris has committed his life to bringing humanity back into deep connection with nature. Chris has lived most of the past 30+ years in the wilderness and small communities of British Columbia, Idaho and Utah and now lives off-grid in the California Central Coast.

Co-founder Rachel Natland is a sociologist and cultural activist living in Los Angeles, California. Born and raised in Miami, Rachel has brought herself up out of the inner city, broken the cycle of abuse and addiction she experienced during childhood and has stepped fully on her path of personal freedom and societal responsibility


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