“The most valuable education reveals the interconnectedness of all things.”

– Chris Morasky –

Have you ever wondered what life was like before we became modern?

Have you been wondering what you might do to live more naturally in this world of fast food, media hypnotism, and elite competition?

Have you thought that the only way to be living more naturally requires you to move out of the city and into some far away corner of the wilderness?

About Wisdom Keepers

For 99.99% of the time that we’ve been walking on two legs, the future was quite predictable.  As a child, all you needed to do was mimic the older children and adults to learn all of the skills, both physical and social, to meet your needs easily.  As a hunter-gatherer, you lived as an integral part of nature, did not understand the concept of work, and knew that “the best place to store your extra food is in your neighbor’s belly.”

The world has changed.  Children are presented with a dizzying future that neither public nor private schools prepare them for.  Our world now includes instantaneous global communication, 3D printing, early stage brain-computer interfaces, NASA’s new EmDrive which promises space travel without using fuel, and computer capabilities that continue to double every 12-18 months.  Several companies anticipate they will achieve artificial intelligence within 1.5 years.  All this leads to the prediction that nearly half of all US jobs are at risk of automation within the next 20 years.  If we are to thrive in the new era, we will need to be creative, adaptable, cooperative and conscious of our choices.

Now more than ever, we need the solid foundation provided by ancient skills and our deep connection with nature.  Through this journey of re-learning, we see the interconnectedness of all things.  We learn the value of self-reliance and discover our unique gifts to benefit humanity.  We find stillness.  We expand our awareness, cultivate patience and self-discipline, develop empathy and express gratitude.  We share.  Our critical evaluation skills improve with our intuition.  We learn to meet the challenges of the natural world and technological world honestly and with an open mind and heart.  We laugh, go on adventures, and have lots of fun, too!

In our new world, wisdom is far more rare and valuable than knowledge. We are Wisdom Keepers… connecting the past, present and future.  Join us!

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