Relationships & Vibration

Today I’m going to talk about relationships: why you’re attracted to whoever it is that you find attractive, regardless of their faults, abusiveness, argumentativeness, laziness, and so on.. I’ll also talk about why relationships fail and how you can create lasting love. Finally, I’ll talk about the big picture of how this is all about you learning your lessons along your Journey to Wholeness. In the first video, I introduced trauma and the vibration and limiting beliefs that accompany it.  When our unconscious mind brings us back to familiar experiences that activate the stored energy of the original trauma, that is called re-traumatization.  Let’s go into some detail about how this works in finding your “true love.” Every time an…

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You can Run but you Cannot Hide…By Chris Morasky

One of the most profoundly liberating realizations is that we have no secrets.  Every untruth and limiting belief that we hold is embodied in us and revealed to everyone we meet.  What we try to hide is observable in our posture, the tension and relaxation of our muscles, our tone and volume and pace of our speaking, our choice of words, the degree of openness of our eyelids, our skin tone, where we focus our eyes, our degree of coordination, our activity level, the clothing we wear, and many more traits. Very few people consciously understand what these outward manifestations mean, but EVERYONE understands them unconsciously and immediately.  We are an open book whose entire story is read by the…

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