Medicine Wheeling Trauma

The Journey to Wholeness is not a straight line. Climbing the mountain is not a precise metaphor.

A better line would look jagged with plateaus, showing the places where we struggled and fell, our breakthroughs, and our “resting periods”.

Perhaps the best way to represent our journey, though, comes from some Native traditions through the medicine wheel and the process of medicine wheeling.

Medicine Wheeling along the Journey to Wholeness:

I’ll present you with a way of understanding how we move through our stuck energies and limiting beliefs via a year around the medicine wheel. As you read about the seasons, try to find yourself within the descriptions. You have more than one issue in your life, so more than one season will fit you.

Spring: The spring of your life, as a child, is when most of your overwhelming events occur, though they can occur at any time, even in the womb. You are experiencing a lot of new things and sometimes its too much. You may even have traumas before conception that you brought into this lifetime. Whenever your trauma occurs is the springtime for it. An adult who has recently experienced a car crash or a physical assault may be living in the springtime. This is the easiest time to heal, while the event is fresh. You may be hypersensitive at this time or you may be in shock, suppressing the event. Children will often incorporate the event into their play, such as crashing toy cars into each other; their unconscious minds are seeking a way to experience the trauma differently so that the energy gets released.

Summer: Summer is the plateau described earlier with the jagged line. You’ve either had a breakthrough and healed some old wound or a portion of it, or you are suppressing your emotions. If you’ve just released something, for a while you ride the feeling that you’re doing well; things are looking up. The season of summer may be short or long, but it is usually a pleasant time to live without the intensity of negative emotions. The plateau occurs when you’re no longer healing, but no new issues have surfaced yet. A new partner is usually a summer event until the “honeymoon phase” ends.

The three ways that people can create a summertime are through meditation, by tightly controlling their environment so that nothing stressful is present, or via distraction. The first two of these actions are great when you want to find your center, checking inwardly to discover who you are and what your purpose is. Sometimes, though, people get too caught up in being at peace. It’s like walking along the path of the Journey to Wholeness and then laying down under a nice tree to nap for a few months or a few years or more.

If you meditate because you want to be peaceful instead of because you want to heal your wounds, your trauma energy will be suppressed. You no longer feel angry, yet something is missing. People will describe you as “airy” or “airy-fairy” because you are very soft and ungrounded. Your higher chakras are open, but your lower ones are not. You’re missing out on the fullness of life in all its vibrancy. And… unconsciously, your traumas are still affecting your life even though you may not feel stressed. For instance, how much money is in the bank account? How is your relationship with your children? Do you have a passionate love life?

A very tightly controlled life has most of the stress-inducers removed. The classic example is a monastery. This life may be peaceful, but it lacks excitement. Sameness is safety, but that’s not why we were born. All of us have some elements of safety through our routines, such as going to the same job every day or avoiding contact with someone that you don’t get along with.

A little control over our environment is necessary; these are called boundaries. A healthy lifestyle includes a mix of control and uncertainty, the excitement of something new or difficult and the ease of the safe and familiar.

The final way to achieve summertime is through distraction. This can take many forms, including addictive behaviors like alcoholism, overeating, excessive television watching, and excessive facebook usage; these people are summertime addicts. Other summertime addicts are always on the lookout for something new like a new partner or a new form of therapy. Are you someone who has dabbled into many spiritual practices and not stuck with anything?

Fall: During the fall, your issues regularly are presented to you and you often feel stressed, frustrated, angry, sad or fearful. The trauma/s is activated. You have the options of healing the wound, suppressing it, or distracting yourself.

During the fall of your life, you question your significance. This often happens in your early to mid-40s. You may make a big change at this time such as divorce or changing jobs. When you face your issues and heal them, you’ll make empowered decisions and move further along the Journey to Wholeness. If you distract yourself with buying a sports car and getting a girlfriend that is 20 years younger, you’re back into summertime, waiting for your trauma energy to resurface. As we age, the traumas that we have repeatedly ignored present themselves more and more powerfully, eventually eroding our health and causing physical illness.

Winter: Have you ever met an elderly person who is vibrant, kind, quick to laugh and full of wisdom? That is a person who has healed much of their trauma. S/he is truly at peace, different from many New Age peace proponents. This is a person who is grounded, and all of the chakras are open from the root to the crown. You can look into this person’s face and see the depth of experiences transformed into wisdom. This is someone that you can talk to, knowing that s/he understands and has no judgments. Anger is usually absent because it has been replaced with understanding rather than suppressed.

When you have an individual trauma that has reached the winter season, you will no longer be attracted to something that you once were. Perhaps you will recognize a type of person that you once would have asked on a date, but now reject. Perhaps you receive a promotion or in some other way receive affirmation from the universe that you have created a new vibration within you. You have removed a layer that was covering the authentic you.

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