Relationships & Vibration

Today I’m going to talk about relationships: why you’re attracted to whoever it is that you find attractive, regardless of their faults, abusiveness, argumentativeness, laziness, and so on..

I’ll also talk about why relationships fail and how you can create lasting love.

Finally, I’ll talk about the big picture of how this is all about you learning your lessons along your Journey to Wholeness.

In the first video, I introduced trauma and the vibration and limiting beliefs that accompany it.  When our unconscious mind brings us back to familiar experiences that activate the stored energy of the original trauma, that is called re-traumatization.  Let’s go into some detail about how this works in finding your “true love.”

Every time an overwhelming event occurs, you build up and store energy.  That energy is created to help you run or fight, if you need to.  This is the fight-flight-freeze mechanism that we developed millions of years ago as a survival strategy.  Remember, our species has been on the menu of big predators until just recently, and all big predators have a chase response, so running away was more likely to result in getting eaten than freezing in place.  We developed a physiological response to overwhelming events.  We don’t think, our body just takes over.

Remember, though, we are physically paralysed but internally mobilized to fight or flee.  We have all this energy held frozen but ready.  Once the event is over, if we don’t release that energy through tears or anger or consciously moving the energy (not suppressing the energy through deep breathing or meditation), it becomes a trauma and the ego will create a limiting belief to hold that energy there until we’re able to look at it again and heal it.

All energy has a vibration, and our traumas create some of the most powerful vibrations in the body.  These vibrations are responsible for who you find attractive and who will be attracted to you.  More on this in a minute…

Imagine that you lived 10,000 years ago and you were nearly caught by a sabre-toothed cat.  You were very afraid and overwhelmed by the event and it left a trauma “scar.”  You developed limiting beliefs stating that “big cats are dangerous” and “I need to be careful because the world isn’t safe.”  These limiting beliefs are true and useful for your survival.

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