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Mahogany Seed Pod

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

This is such a cool design-by-nature. The seeds taste horrible and I was told that they are poisonous, yet a quick search online yields reports of the medicinal benefits including improved blood circulation, heart health and blood sugar regulation. So many wild medicinal plants are also toxic… depending on the dosage. 

I believe that the wisdom here again returns us to relationships. There is an ancient instinct we all have to taste and smell our potential food/medicine. Depending upon what our bodies need, this can manifest as a craving for… say… stinging nettle tea (deeply nourishing) or, during pregnancy, for meat (protein and iron, among other things). Wild creatures will sometimes seek out specific foods only seasonally or under special circumstances. Bears will feast on grasses immediately after hibernation to kickstart their digestion. Pregnant elephants in Kenya will eat a plant that induces labor. And other apes (besides humans, I mean) are well-known for selecting specific plants for medicine, especially to rid parasites. The technical term for animal self-medicating is zoopharmacognosy. I know… don’t try pronouncing that before self-medicating with your morning coffee, LOL!

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