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SOLD OUT The Art of Fire - 1/22/23


  • 65 US dollars
  • Pasadena

Service Description

Ancient Skills and Natural Wisdom Open to all ages (children 10 and under must have an attending adult. Meaning the adult must ALSO register) This course is open to all ages and goes beyond the skills taught in our Apprentice of the Wild class. Most of the activities will be fun and engaging for any age, like gathering toyon berries, reading tracks, or listening to a story, but some concepts may go over the heads of younger students. That's natural. Kids should always know that there's more to know. Awaken your instincts while learning edible and medicinal plants, natural movement, how to make rope, tracking and reading the landscape, making fire with sticks, building a shelter, and so much more! This ain’t no book learnin’! There will be a lot of overlap between this series and the Apprentice of the Wild series, but this will go deeper. This is a deep dive into Nature's lessons, ancient skills, and natural approaches to living a truly fulfilling and joyous life. For 99.99% of the time that we’ve walked upright, we lived as egalitarian (sharing everything), immediate return (what you eat today is what you gather today) gatherer-hunters. We were in tune with natural processes… a part of nature just like coyotes, chickadees, and deer. Our social strategies ensured cooperation through ego dismissal, transparency, heart/mind entrainment, ritual, and stories. It seems as though we’ve forgotten so much, but ancient memories are just beneath our modern veneer… waiting for a gentle reminder. These teachings are essential during this time of accelerating technological change, climate, economics, politics, and social relationships. Let's dive in together. Other upcoming sessions available for this series: February 19: Weeds, Woodpeckers and Wandering: a variety of foods, medicines, ancient skills and wild experiences @ Central Los Angeles March 19: Spring Foods, Skills, Games and Awareness @ Pasadena April 23: Bird Language and More @ Encino May 21: Shelter, Skills and Tying it all Together @ Pasadena

Cancelation Policy

To cancel your booking for a full refund, you must cancel no later than 30 days before the start date of the offering. All bookings are fully transferable at any time. You must email us with the name and contact information of your transferee. Our offerings take place rain or shine. We do not cancel or refund for inclement weather. We do not offer refunds for COVID-related issues.

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