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    • Date: TBA
    • Time: 10am - 4pm
    • Location: Ffynnon Sacred Land, Vernonia, OR
    • Cost: $45

This class is ALL ABOUT FIRE! We’ll learn:

  • Multiple ways of starting fire including bow drill and handdrill
  • Starting a fire in rain, snow and in the dark
  • Different kinds of fire-lays for different purposes like cooking, light, warmth and signaling
  • Carrying fire to a new camp
  • Torches and oil lamps
  • Wood selection
  • Making a great tinder bundle
  • Making char cloth and char wood
  • Coal beds and pit bakes
  • Maintaining fire
  • Keeping a fire in your shelter
  • Hot rocks for cooking and warmth
  • Bending and shaping wood with fire
  • And more!

In the Pacific NW, fire is your top survival priority and provides comfort and greater efficiency. I’ll also share an ancient perspective on the relationship between humans and the domestication of wild fire. No matter what your level of expertise, you’ll be more knowledgable and competent after this class.