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    • Date: TBA
    • Time: 10am - 5pm
    • Location: Ffynnon Sacred Land, Vernonia, OR
    • Cost: $65

There’s something really amazing (and delicious!) about opening a pit that’s been cooking your food for the past 5 hours or more. The steam becomes more and more intense as the layers of earth and greenery are slowly peeled away and the aroma becomes oh sooooo yummy! Food cooked this way is so rich and flavorful and the meat just falls off the bones. So good!!!!

Join us for a day of cooking in the Old Way! In addition to cooking in a pit, we’ll also cook using flame, coals, hot rocks and steam. We’ll “eat our way through the day” and have sooooooo much fun doing it!

All you need to bring is your cutlery and dishes and a big appetite and a smile!