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    • Date: First class is April 14 but you watch the recording ANYTIME!
    • Time: recording available anytime
    • Location: Online
    • Cost: $0-270
    • Age: 6 to adult
  • Inspire funds welcome

IMPORTANT! I really value direct contact with your child. I want to hear their fears, confusion, frustration and hope. The Zoom meeting will NOT be the space for that because there are too many children. One-on-one attention will happen during Q and A and in the private group.

If you can’t make the Tuesday meeting, you won’t miss out by watching the recorded version

Age: 6+. As always, I seek to teach at an advanced level. Young children will grasp the first layer of understanding while older children and adults will grasp deeper levels. Young children will need support on some projects.
Zoom meeting: Tuesdays from April 14 – June 9 (9 classes). Noon to 2pm.
Recorded Zoom meeting: a recording of our class will be available at all times for your convenience.
Online Q and A: students can ask questions and I’ll answer them either in our private group or during the next class.
Private Group: this is where all of the projects, ideas, questions and experiences are shared via photos, videos and text. Students collaborate and support each other here while receiving guidance from me. We will start out with a private group on Facebook (parental support required for kids under 13).
Cost: $0-270. I understand that some of us have been hit hard economically by the coronavirus. Everyone should have access to this program. I appreciate full payment if you can afford it. If you are paying with Inspire funds, please request the full amount. Thank you! If you have already paid for a program and need to adjust your payment for this one, please contact me.
For contributions between $1-269, please send via PayPal to
Course Curriculum
Beginnings: origin stories, from single cell to multi-cellular organism
The human body as a community of cells cooperating
What is a stone? What is earth? Soil? Humus?
Go ask the Stone People
California pocket gopher
Earth lodge, adobe, cobb
Are we alone in the Universe?
Space travel
Project: sit spot; make pigment paint from dirt and a paintbrush from a plant
Our wet planet
Water cycle
We are mostly water, so what’s water?
Ways to purify water: filter, boil, evaporation
Cattails: nature’s super market
California amphibians
Projects: sit spot; make a solar evaporation still
Story of water from India
Plants (part one):
The energy cycle from sunlight to sugar to fossil fuels
Plant stages/seasons: sprouting, flowering, seeding, hibernation
Being a Gatherer-Hunter: planting back, tending, fire, receiving, processing, sharing
Thinking like a plant: What is a seed for? What is a fruit for?
Life is brief: annuals
Life is long: sequoias, redwoods and bristlecone pines
Life never ends: plants that clone themselves (aspens, creosote bush)
Wild oats and other grasses
The mouse that howls at the moon
Projects: sit spot; make a tea; plant a seed
Story: Turtle Island, Sky Woman and the first seeds (story)
Where does the wind come from?
Pheromones and other scents for communication
Sense of smell and memory
Breath and a curious story of humanity as a coastal species
Sound: heartbeat, entrainment, drumming
Meditation, vision quest and intuition
Healing among the San Bushmen
Seeing the invisible: what our senses tell us vs. what is real
Augmented reality: seeing in other light spectrums, hearing in other frequencies, and visiting Alice in Wonderland
Cooper’s hawk
Gray and Fox squirrel
Projects: sit spot; slow down and speed up your heart rate; breath and your nervous system; make a predator call; sourdough
Story: Gluscabi and the Wind Eagle story
Plants (part two):
Non-carbon-based life
Evaluating wood: density, flexibility, habitat
Bark bark bark!
The story told in growth rings
Fire: the first domesticated “animal"
What is fire and how does it work?
Flint and steel fire making
Coastal live oak
Wondrous willows
Incense cedar
Projects: sit spot; carving; make char cloth; making sparks
Story: tbd
Humans: the fire ape
Sacred smoke
Capturing and carrying wild fire
Making a tinder bundle
Making a bow drill and handdrill kit
Welcoming the fire-child (ember) into the Village
A perfect fire from start to finish
Maintaining a fire
Our fire addiction and changing climate
California and fire
Plant community successional stages and fire as a disruptive regime
Chamise, Sequoia and Bishop pine
California spotted owl
Projects: sit spot; make a tinder bundle; make a fire kit
Story: the origin of fire
Humans and wild animals
Humans and domesticated animals
Paiute deadfall trap
What is a mammal?
Predators, omnivores and herbivores
Looking at skulls
Black bear
California grizzly bear
California’s weird relationship with coyotes
Projects: sit spot; make a Paiute deadfall trap; carpet tracking
Story: Gluscabi and the Game Bag or…
Walking the Path:
The Go and See People
Meditation, hunting and fishing
Omens, dreams and the subconscious mind
Vision quest
Gift economy
Being Pono: finding balance with posture, emotions and thoughts
Choosing your emotional state
Prayer and affirmations
Bald eagle vs. wild turkey
Coastal sagebrush
Projects: sit spot; dream interpretation
Community and Future:
WE consciousness among Gatherer-Hunters
Global technological connectivity
Biological limitations
Understanding exponential growth
Limitless potential
Natural principles
Sloooooooow doooooooooown
In the year 3020…
Projects: sit spot; unwinding and re-making rope; gratitude

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