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    • Date: June 21 - 25, 2021
    • Time: 10am - 4pm
    • Location: Pasadena
    • Cost: $400
    • Age: 7 - 15 yo
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This program offers children the opportunity to have fun learning the skills of our ancestors from someone who’s lived the Old Ways. It’s a beautiful way to bring balance to their technology-driven lives, understand the difference between their needs and wants, and gain the self-confidence that comes from meeting those needs directly.

This is a mentoring program. We will make fires by rubbing sticks together, learn edible and medicinal plants, move silently, feel the natural rhythm of the land, and discover ancient wisdom as we “seek what they sought.” All classes are taught with love, compassion, non-violent communication (NVC) methods, and the inherent principles of living a life in Harmony with the Earth.

Daily Schedule:

10:00 am – Check-in/Morning Circle/Authentic Relating Game

10:30 am – Morning Hike/Sit Spot

12:00 pm – Parent Provided Lunch

12:30 pm – Nature Skill/Craft (see list below)

2:30 pm – Snack and Story

3:00 pm – Skills Game/Free Play

4:00 pm – Pick-Up

Skills/Crafts Included:

Monday – Connecting to the Land: Nature awareness exercises, knife safety, basic carving skills.

Tuesday – Stone Age Fire Making: Forage and build your personal hand drill fire kit, practice creating a coal and bringing it to a flame.

Wednesday – Sling Making: Make a sling from leather, practice hitting targets.

Thursday – Debris Shelters: Learn proper emergency shelter methods and materials, build a shelter.

Friday – Coal Burned Spoon Carving: Use a coal from our campfire to burn in a spoon bowl on a wood blank, use carving skills to craft the remainder of the spoon.

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