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    • Date: Watch for this class in Fall/Winter of 2018
    • Time: 9am - 4:30pm
    • Location: TBA (easy drive from Portland, OR)
    • Cost: $55 + materials fee

Learn the ancient art of braintanning (egg tanning is the same process) to soften a beautiful fur! You may choose to make a bag or start a pair of mittens or a warm hat or edge a garment or… Our process uses no chemicals and is entirely natural. Chemical tanning methods weaken the hide, but your tanned fur will be naturally durable and silky soft. You will learn skinning, scraping, dressing and smoking methods. Everyone walks away with a beautiful tanned fur. Your materials’ cost will be determined by the fur that you choose, ranging from about $20-50.

The ability to make your own beautiful clothing from only natural materials is an essential skill.