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    • Date: Coming again in 2019
    • Location: Ffynnon Sacred Land, Vernonia, OR
    • Cost: $65

This class is part a series called Sacred Hunting Comprehensive Course, but you’re welcome to take it as a stand-alone class.

Have you ever wanted to go hunting, but weren’t sure where to begin? Are you interested in learning a sacred approach to hunting that honors the animals you pursue? Would you like to know the forest and it’s wild inhabitants more deeply? Do you want to awaken your primal instincts as you walk the ancient circle of hunter and hunted? If any of these questions tugs at you, then this is the class for you.

Our first class will be a very full day delving into the core of Sacred Hunting. Bring a notebook and bring an open mind. There’s a lot to cover and our day will be very hands-on.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  • Setting your intention
  • Ceremony and what is sacred
  • An ancient understanding of hunting
  • Intro to deer and elk biology and behavior
  • Game calls
  • Tracking and reading sign
  • Choosing a stand
  • Stalking
  • Understanding camouflage
  • Becoming a natural part of the land and stillness
  • Oregon Game regulations

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