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    • Date: June 2, June 16, August 4-5, 25-28
    • Location: Ffynnon Sacred Land, Vernonia, OR
    • Cost: $295 (Payment plans and scholarships are available. If you need, please ask)

June 2: Hunting 101 (see separate listing)
June 16: Maps, Navigation, Gear and Choosing a Stand (see separate listing)
August 4-5: Pre-hunt Weekend Intensive (see separate listing)
August 25-28: Bowhunting Trip Graduation

This is a course for anyone who wants to get closer to animals, more deeply understand their behavior, and who is either currently a hunter or considering hunting in the future. This extensive course will support you to hunt and care for your quarry efficiently, ethically and in a sacred way.

I’ve been hunting since I was big enough to keep up with my dad in the woods (I’ll be 50 in November), and I’m passing on to you the collective knowledge and wisdom of this outdoors lineage. We’ve been on many hundreds of hunts and successfully trailed hundreds of big game animals. While living in the wilds of Idaho and British Columbia, hunting provided food for my family. I didn’t buy meat or fish from a store for about 20 years, getting all I needed from nature. Additionally, I’m trained as a wildlife biologist.

We will explore ceremony, sacredness and connection with your prey, plus the techniques of primitive and modern hunting, still hunting, drives and coordinating with a partner, choosing a stand location, camouflage of physical, olfactory and mental/emotional signatures, reading tracks and other sign, shot placement for bow and rifle, game behavior and biology, and the predictable behaviors of wounded animals. Stalk deer (we’ll have to find them first, of course) and learn to properly follow a blood trail (we’ll follow a mock blood trail).

And… you will choose a trailside “blind” (sit spot). I will wake you in the pre-dawn darkness and you’ll find your spot and wait for a deer or elk to step close. Silently waiting, you become the tree that your back rests against… you become the soil on which you sit… you become the subtle breezes and play of light and shadow filtered through oak leaves. Will a deer walk past you without noticing your presence?

The vast majority of hunters do a lot of things wrong which reduces their chances of seeing, shooting and recovering their quarry. After this course, you’ll be a better hunter and tracker than 99% of the hunters in the woods.

I’ve taught portions of this course to hunter-safety instructors and many hunting veterans. Whether you are a novice or experienced hunter, this course will facilitate a deep and personal relationship with your quarry and provide you with skills far beyond that of most hunters.

This course is comprised of a number of stand-alone classes that may be taken separately (but you get a discount if you commit to all of them). Students who successfully complete this course are invited to join me on a free bow hunt for elk and deer in the fall. This will be your opportunity to “put it all together” as we come together at Hunt Camp. Although this hunt is free, the value you’ll receive there can’t be measured, and you can’t go unless you complete all of the classes above.

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